Support Our Team!

CWRUbotix creates robots that solve challenging and relevant problems. In pursuing this objective, it provides the student body with opportunities to learn concepts beyond their curriculum, to gain real world experience in leadership, project management, robotics and related fields, and to promote STEM and robotics education within the local community.

Our core team is currently composed of 60 students, and membership is open to all CWRU students. We currently participate in our projects, events, and competitions. But we can't do it alone. We rely on community members, local professionals, alumni, businesses, and other students to support our mission through volunteering, mentorship, and sponsorship.


Every year, our team runs several robotics and STEM events with local primary schools, and we organize our members and other volunteers to participate in many more such events. If you would like to be sent information about our volunteering opportunities, please sign up using this form.


As a team and as students, we do everything we can to broaden our knowledge and skills, so that we can build better robots and be better roboteers. Sometimes we bring in professionals in a field so that we can learn from them. If you are a professional in an engineering or software field interested in mentoring our team, even as a one-time event, please contact us using this form.


If you are interested in giving materials, services, or a donation to our team, please see our sponsorship packet. CWRUbotix falls under the umbrella of Case Western Reserve University, a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit.